Data CenterDedicated Servers
UIT’s Dedicated Hosting Services provide business critical applications a platform with the stability and performance they demand, and are suited to organisations where regulations and compliance deem it necessary to use dedicated devices. These servers are built using standardised industry leading equipment; however, UIT also provides options for bespoke hardware where necessary.

Virtual Servers
Many clients require assistance simplifying their business infrastructure, while enhancing flexibility, availability, and recoverability for infrastructure operating environments. To meet these goals, UIT offers a broad variety of virtualization consulting services. Years of virtualization expertise, technology-specific best practices, and template-based delivery methodologies enable UIT to deliver virtualization services to customers that meet their specific needs. Our clients have objectives that include: consolidating data centers, reducing overall operating costs, deploying platforms rapidly to meet business demands, increasing infrastructure availability, or improving disaster recovery and business continuity processes.

Universal Information Technologies provides a variety of managed virtualisation options which are available within a shared or private infrastructure of resources, or a combination of both. Our virtual server hosting offerings include:

Managed Virtual Servers – Provisioned by allocating resources from an “in the cloud” shared infrastructure of processors, memory and storage. This service typically provides a very economic hosting option allowing customers to provision virtual servers, firewalls and storage. All virtual devices are configured for high availability, so in the event of a hardware failure the service will automatically restart on an alternative device, meaning near zero downtime whatever the application.

Managed Private Cloud – For solutions where a dedicated VMware infrastructure is a requirement for additional security and reliability, UIT can provide a Managed Private Cloud. This service provides the greatest technical flexibility and performance for services. UIT provides a dedicated cluster of virtual server hosts and enterprise storage, which can scale out as required. Onto this cluster, virtual machines can be deployed in any configuration within the limitations of the infrastructure and software.

Integrated Dedicated Hosting & Virtual Servers – Our dedicated servers and virtual servers offer the option to integrate managed dedicated and virtual services into a single solution to benefit from the best of both infrastructures. This enables organisations to take advantage of virtualisation technology benefits such as reduced CAPEX, simplified upgrades and expansion, and dynamic performance for these types of servers, whilst also providing stable performance and supportable infrastructure for those functions where Dedicated Server hosting is more suitable.

A flexible alternative for your housing needs
Colocation is a cost-effective option for businesses that require a stable, high-performance network while maintaining complete control over hardware and server administration. Hosted in a state-of-the-art Data Centre, you supply the hardware, we offer you the full benefit of a world-class, carrier neutral facility.

Climate Control
N+2 redundancy on our air conditioning units
When ambient temperature allows for it, we make use of direct free cooling
This significantly reduces our power consumption and carbon footprint.

EOH Carrier Services and Internet Solutions are our primary bandwidth providers
Using two network providers significantly increases network resilience
Connectivity is provided through diverse, redundant fibre routes connecting the facility to a 10Gbps fibre ring.

Fully redundant, physically separated A+B feeds provide power to the facility.
A single utility power feed can be disconnected without interruption to service.
Equipment with a single power supply also benefits from this redundancy through our sophisticated static transfer switch design
UPS backup and a standby generator on each feed provides further resilience.

Juniper Network
Juniper offers a high-performance network infrastructure
Our virtual chassis technology increases the redundancy and resilience of our network, allowing for high levels of automation in the provisioning process
A highly responsive environment for accelerating the deployment of services.

Fire Protection
The facility has fire detection through Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA).

24/7 security presence with CCTV camera surveillance
Biometric access is installed on all access points
A high voltage electric fence provides perimeter security.